Please use the online booking form to schedule an in-person session with James. Currently he is available in Seminayk or Ubud, Bali.


No, James is a channel and a healer, not a 'psychic' or ''fortune teller'. He does not offer predictions about the future. James is a spirit channel whose gift is that the he can connect with higher healing energies and to pass on whatever counsel and healing spirit chooses, in the form they choose.


No you do not need to provide any information other than your name and contact information when your book. Do not feel that you need to explain anything about yourself, past history or present situation prior to your session.


James receives and passes on healing  from the spirit dimension in a variety of ways. 

James is a channel for healing energies that are expressed by many different names in different cultures and modalities such as shamanic healing, ancestral healing, energetic healing as a complementary therapy for health issues, rebalance of energy regarding anxiety and depression, trauma and addiction healing, spiritual awakening and ascension mentorship, spirit or energetic medicine, soul readings and retrieval, release of energetic attachments, breaking of negative cycles, healing telepathy,  multi-dimensional healing,  relationship healing, heart healing, soul purpose alignment.

James is clairaudient (able to hear), and clairsentient ( able to feel). Meaning he will hear the information that is to be passed on, it is not like having a conversation like you and I would have with someone else. James get small bits and pieces of information and will try to put it all together. He will not ask for you to give him information.  Instead, he will give you bits of information before he asks you to confirm if the information he is passing on makes a connection. 

James also sees symbolically (clairvoyant). Often times he is shown images by spirit that he is to pass on.  He does not know what they mean, but they will be meant for you, either to validate your connection with that spirit or they may want to show you about your present or future situation.

Please listen to what information is coming forward, it may mean nothing to James but could be very significant to you.
Also please do not wait to hear what you want to hear. Jame's gift is not as an interpreter of information; he is simply there to be a clear channel that passes on the information - much like a telephone is just there to be the 'medium' or 'channel' between two people having a conversation. It's important to remember you are not having a conversation with James, but are speaking directly to a spirit.

All kinds of evidence or confirmations can come out in a session, whether it is significant or what may seem to you to be quite trivial.  For example, if James gives you a name, it does not have to be from someone who has passed, it could be someone who you are currently connected with, as James never know where each session will go. Each and every session is different. If you do not understand the information being received, please write it down and check the information with your family. Some information will make more sense after the session or after some time has passed.

All James asks is that you keep an open mind and heart to the information and energy coming through, so you can have a positive and rewarding session.


It's helpful to have a calm undistracted energy and open mind during your connection to spirit with James. 

You may want to have a list of questions written down. Healings can be very powerful and often times your consciousness may shift to such a calm place where you may forget you had any questions, so it may be helpful to have them written down.   Chances are your questions will be answered throughout your reading but if they aren't you will have the opportunity to ask spirit and see if they will reply directly through James.  

If possible, take 5 minutes before you arrive to quiet your mind and invite those whom you wish to come through. Have pen and paper to take notes as James does not record the sessions.

Often information will come through and the names, dates and symbols don't always make sense the first time you hear them, so it's important to be able to refer back to what you've written down. And be sure to save them! It isn't uncommon for certain messages to fully come to pass a year, or a even few years later.

The most essential thing needed from as you participate in your spiritual healing session is openness and honesty. It is truly a co-creative process with the circuit of You, James (as the channel) and Spirit all needing to be connected for the messages to flow through and be communicated and received. Use the time you have to let them come through and pass on their message to you.
Secondly, don’t come with any predetermined expectations of what you are going to experience. It is important for you to keep an open mind during the whole process, and to be open to receive whatever messages and energiescome through and from whoever is trying to connect with you. You never know who will come through. It may be from person has passed  or it could be from someone you may have hardly known or have not heard from in a long time (like a second cousin or an old school friend or a grandmother you never met while she was here) or it could even be a higher guide or guardian from the spirit realm who is here to guide your life's journey.

James does not have the ability to just connect on demand with whom you may want to hear from and give you the answers you want to hear. There is a process when communicating with spirit and it is directed by spirit (not the channel or the person come for healing). James can only do his best to bring through what healing spirit wants to come through with clarity and evidence.

Also, in general spirit comes through not to give you future predictions, but it to heal you now - in this present moment in multiple ways -  by connecting and using their healing energies to remove blockages and re-organise and upgrade energy fields and consciousness, by showing you that spirit energy exists and importantly that spirit guidance always around you and there are clear and specific messages of counsel and comfort for your current life journey.


Everybody is on their own path and person must be open to accept healing.If they are not ready or closed off, it is possible that they may resist the healing – preventing access for spirit to come through. For this reason, it is not recommended that you insist a loved one has a healing. Instead James encourages you honour each soul's unique path and trust in divine timing and calling. If you are called then reach out. If you know someone who you may think could benefit from a healing, then simply pass James's details on, but leave it up to that person to decide if making contact feels right for them


James will be ready for your session at least 5 minutes prior to the agreed start time.  Please arrive on time. Please only organise a session date with James that you can his time is limited a couple of sessions a week.