Spirit Medicine

A spiritual healing session with James can be truly life inspiring. Connecting with spirit and receiving the healing answers and energies to the concerns that are most important to you.

The session with James generally last around 2 hrs  - to make the most of your time it's ideal to have a healing intention or questions written down to ask the spirits and guides that come through to communicate with you.

What does a session with James involve?

A spirit counsel and healing session is held In-person. James opens up to receive the spirits who want to come through for you.

The process is different for everybody.

Sometimes energies come in for non-verbal healing and you can feel these higher frequencies of consciousness as light, vibration and warmth moving through and working on your physical or energetic body.

Other times verbal messages are passed through and then it is just like having a chat with your wise and loving spirit guides who see and know everything about you and speak the truth without any agenda other than helping you live your highest potential now.

James can not predict how or who of your spirit guides will come through, but be assured those who do are always there for your highest good.

Often these can be your higher spiritual guides and guardians or they can be ancestors and recognized loved ones who have passed over.

All spirit beings who come through know you and your life intimately and provide very specific information that is personal to you.

Jame's gift as a spirit channel is not as an interpreter of spirit's information; he is there to be a clear medium that passes on the information and energies that spirit want passed on to you - much like a telephone is just there to be the 'medium' or 'channel' between two people having a conversation.

It's important to remember you are not having an interaction with James, but are having a personal exchange directly to the spirit dimension.

During a session, you are free to ask anything you like. Your questions may not always be answered directly, but many times they will.

The main purpose of spirit communicating with you and providing healing energies (spirit medicine) is not to dictate or disturb your life journey, but only enhance it by updating and upgrading your body's healing energies and by providing specific information to help you get on and stay on your highest path for this incarnation.

Spirit will always answer your questions directly when they deem it appropriate and there is something that you can change.

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All Proceeds from Sessions with James are Donated to the 'Goddess Kitchen'