High Spirit Energies come through James with emotional, mental and energetic messages that are experienced as powerful frequencies of radiant light energy moving through the body that have to power to transform.

James as a channel for spirit energies is expressed by many different names across various cultures and modalities such as energetic or spiritual healing.

What has distinguished James as a Master Spiritual Healer is, along with transmitting powerful light energies, spirit often channels detailed verbal messages. 

Very specific messages are relayed from spirit to help people heal so they can go forward and live their highest path.

Many have experience truly transformational changes in their health and lives after encountering the healing spiritual medicine that James channels.

James has a strong calling to traditional methods of healing. He has  spent many years being initiated by Balinese Medicine Man Pak Bagus into his ancestral linage of healers; who work with spirit energies and traditional plant medicines for purification of toxins in body, mind and soul. Together James and Pak Bagus lead others on purification journeys to sacred sites for those seeking to heal and harmonize themselves.

James has also spent years learning about, and working with, other plant medicines and traditional shamans across the globe. These have included Kambo, Iboga, Ayahuasca, Fungi and Cacti medicines. He has discovered each of these master healers has their own unique way of transforming by reconnecting the individual to their higher self through integrating and harmonising dissonant energies within to unlock deeply bound and unexplored potentials.




Currently James is only offering In-Person Healings in Seminyak or Ubud Bali. To book a healing session please choose from an available time on the online booking form, along with providing payment of a donation (that is given to the Goddess Kitchen charity) to confirm your booking. Once your session has been confirmed James will be in contact with you to finalise details.


The session with James generally last around 1.5 hrs  To make the most of your time with James it's ideal to have a healing intention or questions to ask the spirits and guides that come through to communicate with you. You don't have to tell James what these are, but it is best to have an intention to bring to the session as you will find spirit has a beautiful way of communicating your answers to you.


The process is different for everybody.
Sometimes energies come in for non-verbal healing and you can feel these higher frequencies of consciousness as light, vibration and warmth moving through and working on your physical or energetic body. Other times verbal messages are passed through and then it is just like having a chat with your wise and loving spirit guides who see and know everything about you and speak the truth without any agenda other than helping you live your highest potential now.


No he can not predict your future, or how spirit will come through. Jame's gift as a spirit channel is not as an interpreter of spirit's information; he is there to be a clear medium that passes on the information and energies that spirit want passed on to you - much like a telephone is just there to be the 'medium' or 'channel' between two people having a conversation. Be assured it is always positive and for your highest good.


All Proceeds from healing sessions with James are donated the Goddess Kitchen

James & his wife Chelsea created  Goddess Kitchen; a grassroots charity that they created with their team at Goddess Retreats to help vulnerable women, children and families in their home of Bali who are struggling to meet their simplest needs due to the devastating effect covid travel restrictions have had on the tourism based economy of the island.

100% of all donations are used to buy food from local farmers and goods from local markets, and then the Goddess Retreat team distributes weekly food and essential care packages to hundreds of households.

Since early 2020 Goddess Kitchen has provided thousands of meals and food essentials to so many. It is greatly appreciated by those who need help in these very hard times in Bali.

Find out more by visiting Goddess Kitchen's Facebook or Instagram to see our weekly updates on all the beautiful souls that your donations help.

Thank You for Your Support

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Thank You for Supporting Goddess Kitchen

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