Channeling Spirit for Transformation

James is a channel for spirit energies that are expressed by many different names across various cultures and modalities such as energetic, spiritual or shamanic healing. Spirit guides come through James with emotional, mental and energetic messages that are experienced as powerful frequencies of radiant light energy moving through the body.

What has also distinguished James as a Master Healer is that, along with transmitting energies, spirit often channels detailed verbal messages. These are astoundingly accurate with very personal facts that leave no doubt that the person's spirit guides have come through to provide advice and counsel for that person. Very specific messages are relayed from spirit to help the individual heal so they can go forward and live their highest path.

Many have experience truly transformational changes in their health and lives after a session with James.

James has a strong calling to traditional methods of healing. He has  spent many years being initiated by Balinese Medicine Man Pak Bagus into his ancestoral linage of healers; who work with spirit energies and traditional plant medicines for purification of toxins in body, mind and soul. Together James and Pak Bagus lead others on purification journeys to sacred sites for those seeking to heal and harmonize themselves.

James has also spent years learning about, and working with, other plant medicines and traditional shamans across the globe. These have included Kambo, Iboga, Ayahuasca, Fungi and Cacti medicines. He has discovered each of these master healers has their own unique way of transforming by reconnecting the individual to their higher self through integrating and harmonising dissonant energies within to unlock deeply bound and unexplored potentials.

James is donating 100% of healings proceeds to Goddess Kitchen which is a charity set up to help vulnerable women and children in his second home of Bali who are struggling to survive due to the effect corona virus has had on the economy of the island.




"I knew that a session with James was likely to expose parts of my life that I didn't think I was brave enough to revisit. I also knew, however, that a session with him would help me to understand better where I am right now. And so, with much trepidation, I went to see him.I really shouldn't have been so nervous. James is very kind and compassionate, and has an easy way about him. I felt comfortable with him; I knew I could trust him. James has an incredible gift and, with virtually no input from me, was able to pass on messages about me and my life that were completely relevant, and made utter sense. I shed a few tears, but not nearly as many as I expected. I left the session feeling lighter, with a better understanding of where and why I am, and with a renewed sense of purpose."

Narina Exelby, South Africa

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